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Lotus Rising International

Lotus Rising International’s programs are designed to reduce the effects of PTSD, stress, and anxiety, as well as drastically improve self-worth and self-esteem in survivors. These all-natural therapies provide participants with the necessary skills to restore their well-being and propel their recovery after trauma.


Participants in the programs have responded positively:

“I feel so good after leaving meditation class.” – House of Cherith Resident

“Is it time for meditation class? YES!” – House of Cherith Resident

“This is my favorite class. Please tell me you are going to keep it on the schedule.” – House of Cherith resident


Program directors also enjoy working with Lotus Rising International:

“This program has been very therapeutic and has taught our residents how to slow and care for themselves. It left them with new tools to utilize for new coping methods.” – Monique Inguez, Human Trafficking Case Manager

“The program Maria Aparis has been leading with our residents has been absolutely wonderful! For some time now, we have tried multiple ways to incorporate a meditation class, and all have failed. Not only have we finally found a fantastic volunteer to lead meditation, our residents LOVE it! They leave the class feeling so relaxed and feel such peace. I look forward to the partnership we are continuing to grow with this wonderful community at Lotus Rising.” – Christine Fowler, House of Cherith


In addition to its wellness programs, Lotus Rising International has created a backpack program that provides both essential and nonessential items to children upon rescue. Backpacks contain basic hygiene products—such as soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, and lip balm—as well as a hairbrush, hair ties, and a crayon set and coloring book. Backpacks are assembled in-house and delivered to local organizations that help children who have been rescued.


Domestically, our programs have supported local organizations, including House of Cherith, The Covenant House (Los Angeles and GA), The Rainbow House, Gigi’s House, The Quest ECSS, and The Safe House Project.

  • 40 backpacks donated (2021–2022) to The Covenant House in Los Angeles, The Rainbow House, and Gigi’s House

  • 100+ aromatherapy packets distributed (2021–2022) through The Covenant House in Los Angeles, Gigi’s House, The Rainbow House, The House of Cherith, and the Sandy Utah Police Department

  • $1,000 donated (2020) to The Safe House Project 

  • Wellness classes with 25–30 participants in each session (2020) at The House of Cherith and The Covenant House


Our international outreach efforts have included the following: 

  • Over $12,000 in donations to support over 400 rescues in Asia (2019–2021) much-needed medical supplies, food, clothing, and shelter to those rescued in SE Asia with The Quest ECSS

  • Over $3,000 in donations for the building of three safe houses and one restoration in SE Asia (2020–2021) with The Quest ECSS


Our current corporate sponsors include the following:


Our current collaborations include the following:

  • All It Takes (Legacy Emotional Intelligence Camp: one child sponsorship)

  • HOTWORX Sauna Gym (Global Trafficking Awareness Day: fundraising event)

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