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We believe that a person's past does not define who they are or what they can accomplish in
their life.

Maria Aparis, founder and CEO

of Lotus Rising International, is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and holistic wellness guru. In 2018, Maria learned about the brutality of child sex trafficking. This discovery rocked Maria to her core. She knew that she needed to do everything she could to save as many children as she could. She founded Lotus Rising International to help stop these crimes against humanity. 



Lotus Rising International is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that advocates for the well-being of children exploited by sex trafficking. Our primary focus is the physical, mental, and emotional recovery and empowerment of child survivors.


Our holistic wellness programs provide lasting emotional, mental, and physical benefits and skills that survivors can implement for the rest of their lives. These programs have been developed by a wellness expert and consist of aromatherapy, dance therapy, sound therapy, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, mantra, mindset, and spiritual alignment.


We believe that a person's past does not define who they are or what they can accomplish in their life. Studies prove that children are extremely resilient when given the tools and skills to overcome their emotional and physical trauma. We aim to help children achieve this potential for healing and success.


Many children have already been rescued. 

Lotus Rising International supports the physical, emotional, and mental recovery of child sex-trafficking survivors by helping them heal through all-natural, holistic wellness programs.


Circle in with us to change the narrative. Your donation has the power to create real change in the lives of our survivors who have lived through abuse day after day. 


You can help us change the course of their future and give them a chance to heal and a path to a bright and beautiful future.


Essential Balance Aromatherapy Program

Our Essential Balance Aromatherapy Program provides survivors with a tool to find comfort when heightened emotions are at their most critical. When a child is rescued, they are often processed through a “holding” center until a permanent solution is determined. These first few days and nights can be the most traumatizing, as feelings of terror, sorrow, shame, guilt, anger, and more rise to the surface. Essential Balance provides aromatherapy in the form of three individual roller balls that the children can use to calm and soothe themselves during crucial transitions.

Lotus Programs
"This program has been very therapeutic and has taught our residents how to slow and care for themselves. It left them with new tools to utilize for new coping methods."

Monique Inguez, Human Trafficking Case Manager


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