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Vision for the Future

Lotus Rising International is currently drafting a certification protocol that would educate and certify existing yoga and meditation teachers, sound and reiki healers, aromatherapists, and dance therapists to work with children who have been sex trafficked. We intend to launch our LRI Certification by Q1 2023. Our LRI Certified Provider Program will set the standard for those who are existing healers who wish to make a positive impact by joining us in our outreach efforts. This will enable LRI to expand globally to serve thousands of children over the next two to five years and beyond.

To make this goal a reality, we will need to invest in two areas:

  • Additional staff support (executive assistant for CEO and CFO, program manager, fundraising director/manager)

  • Contract development support (lawyer) to help with contracts, releases, and agreements


Financial Projections

















Launching and implementing our certification process will enable us to train already existing wellness workers who wish to work with survivors of trafficking. By training and certifying wellness workers in multiple cities, counties, and states, we will be able to extensively broaden our outreach, which will then result in more survivors receiving our recovery programs. 

How Can I Help?

The success and well-being of child survivors of human sex trafficking depend on all of us. By contributing our resources, we can work together to free children from the horrifying effects of human trafficking.

You and your organization can give your support to children in need in a variety of ways:

  • Multiyear pledge 

  • One-time cash donation

  • Corporate sponsorship

  • Stocks and securities

  • Life insurance policy or RRSP

  • A bequest in your will

  • Donate through Benevity causes

  • Make a purchase using our Amazon Smile link

  • PayPal donation

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
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